On-Set Transcode

The White Balance Company and cinehighspeed.com can offer you Transcode of the Raw Files on set or right after the end of filming.

The computers system that our companies use can offer the transcoding of the Raw footage in high frame rate without any delays to the streaming of the production.

We can modify material from all the digital cameras into any format in order to be compatible to the editing suite that is being used.

This service can be offered on set, allowing the montage to take place on the filming location. The alteration can be done from the source file with or without coloring correction (one –light grade).

On-Set Back-Up

During the filming our technician undertakes the making of secure copies onto hard drives. At the end of the filming process the technician hands over the hard drives with the camera’s material (raw rushes) to the production manager/ producer.

The new generation cinematographic cameras use for the recording of the motion picture, raw files which in most cases Transcode before being ready to be sent for editing.

We are able to alter these Raw files in any kind of format we are asked to.

Editing – Color Correction

In our company there is a full editing suite for Ultra HD and High Definition material. There is also Color Correction Suite for the color processing of digital raw files.