Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar

Quick Overview

The Bausch and Lomb Super Baltar lenses are very old lenses full serviced and rehoused to mount in Digital 35mm cameras. These lenses have a very unique look.  Easy to flare.  Sharp but low contrast.

These vintage lenses were manufactured years ago for Mitchell Camera Corp. by Bausch & Lomb in Rochester, New York. The Super Baltars inherently create a softand warm look. Gentle and pleasing, often with anartistic flare. Our Super Baltars have all been rebuilt and cleaned  by Duclos Lenses in USA. All primes offer extendet close focus distances for macro work.

You can use extenter (2X) for the lenses 50mm 75mm 100mm.

Lens Focal Length T-Stop Minimum Focus Front Diameter Weight
20mm T2.3-22 17in – 45cm 114mm 2.2lbs -1Kg
25mm T2.3-22 17in – 45cm 114mm 3lbs  – 1,4 Kg
35mm T2.3-22 17in – 45cm 80mm 1,32lbs – 0,6 Kg
50mm T2.3-22 2ft  – 61cm 80cm 1,25lbs – 0.57Kg
75mm T2.3-22 22in – 56cm 80cm 1.5lbs – 0.69Kg
100 mm T2.3-22 4ft  – 121cm 80cm 2.2lbs – 1Kg

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