Σύντομη Περιγραφή

The Sachtler Video 18P Fluid Head has incorporated a wider payload range and a faster, simpler balancing system.

The Video 18 , including 7 levels of drag, a self-illuminating bubble level, a Touch and Go plate for speedy mounting and removal, and Sachtler’s already proven Speedbalance technology. The Video 18  can also easily handle heavier ENG camcorders.


Key Features

  • Supports 4-40 lbs (2-18kg)
  • Balances DSLR to ENG Cameras
  • 100mm Bowl Mount
  • 7 Steps of Drag
  • Touch & Go Plate

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Load Capacity

2-18kg (4-40 lbs)


100mm Bowl

Quick Release/Wedge Plate

Touch & Go Plate 16

Tilt And Pan Drag

7 Steps

Tilt Range

+90° to -70°

Pan Range



3.3kg (7.3 lbs)

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